Minor Children, Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

Minor Children, Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

Identification of certain members of our society, particularly those who are vulnerable due to age, health, or disability, and the need to be able to quickly contact family members, or other important parties, is of paramount importance. Compounding these circumstances are natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other emergent events. Often, such persons do not have the ability to convey important contact information to police, or other emergency assistance providers, to assure their safety and well-being.

PPSVID offers verifiable identification cards and website posts for the safety and protection of minor children, seniors, and persons affected by disabilities. The contact information for these cardholders may be accessed via a scan of the QR code appearing on a card, or via a free app currently available on Apple mobile devices.

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Sample Identification Card & Post



NJ Legal Process, LLC www.njlegalprocess.com


The Watchmen Group www.thewatchmengroup.org


American Legal Investigations & Support Services (ALIASS) www.american-legal.com