Enrollment Notice, Terms & Conditions




Registration of Community Interactive Professionals, and therefore their identities, is not currently required in many states, neither by the federal courts. The verification of a person’s identity, while interacting with the public may be problematic. PPS Collateral Services seeks to lessen that concern by providing a verifiable method of confirming a community interactive professional’s identity via a publicly available web based resource, PPSVID.com.

Registration of community interactive professionals is highly recommended so that the public, professionals who employ their services, and local, state, and federal jurisdictions, can identify and verify who they are.

Registration on this site by those persons who qualify is voluntary, but must comply with the Terms & Conditions noted herein. See link.

Qualified professionals, who register on this site, will be provided with a dedicated private web page, a Personal Identification Number (PIN), a post of credible information and a permitted identification card (see below), a Quick Response (QR) code, and information to have live hyperlinks that may be placed on other websites, pointing to their private page containing their information, identification card, and current status.

All identification cards issued by PPSVID are the property of PPS Collateral Services, and shall be returned upon expiration or termination of registration. Current registrations shall expire on December 31, 2017. See Participating Professional Categories for links and images of private pages and ID cards.
Visit http://ppsvid.com/participating-professionals/ .

A permitted identification card, as used in the context of this website, is one that is lawfully authorized and issued by a federal, state, or local jurisdiction to an individual that is current, and has not been revoked. If an identification card is issued by a non-governmental entity, it must contain a true and accurate title, name, photo, a permitted logo or emblem, and shall not infer any unauthorized title or authority.


The applicant must certify, and provide proof, that:

• He or she is 18 years of age or older, or of requisite age to serve perform their professionals services or duties within relevant jurisdiction.
• Is a citizen or lawful resident of the United States.
• Proof of no conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude in any jurisdiction.
• Is familiar with, and agrees to abide by, the court rules, statutes, codes of ethics, and other professional requirements pertaining to their professional services within the respective jurisdiction.
• Performs professional services within that jurisdiction.
• Proof that any title, logo or symbol shown on identification card is authorized or permitted by applicable state or federal law.


• Submission of current Certificate of Good Standing issued by a state or federal jurisdiction that has previously issued a license or registration to conduct business within that jurisdiction that was predicated upon a clear criminal background check, or
• Submission of current criminal background check conducted by an authorized state or federal entity.


Application for registration on www.PPSVID.com must be accompanied by a replicable copy of a current identification card with photo issued by a governmental or non-governmental entity. If applicant does not have either of these identification card, and requests PPSVID to issue one, current photograph of the applicant taken in a high resolution JPEG or IMAP picture format, on a white or light blue background, suitable for inclusion in an identification card, not more than 1MG in size must be submitted. All applicants shall be responsible for all costs related thereto.


To register, request an application form by email to apply@ppsvid.com. Then. simply please print, complete, and submit the form and supporting documents, to PPS Collateral Services, 56 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102. Registration fee must accompany the application, and can be paid via credit card, or by check payable to PPS Collateral Services.